Stavropol Airport has the international status since March 1993.

The airport provides air communication between Stavropol city (regional center of Stavropol Territory, North Caucasus) and Russian regions, other countries.

Good geoposition makes Stavropol International Aiport comfortable for international flights, including transit in Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, etc.

Stavropol International Airport can also be a convenient place for technical landing for refueling and ground handling of aircraft.

The Airport is allowed to receive following types of aircrafts: Airbus A319, A320; Boeing 737 (300-700); Bombardier CRJ-200; IL-76, Tu-154, Tu-134, Yak-42, Il-114, Yak-40, AN-12, IL-18, AN-24 and others; any helicopters.

The runway (2,600 meters long) is equipped with lighting equipment, ILS meteorological and other infrastructure.

The passenger terminal has a 2 service areas total bandwidth of 300 passengers per hour (130 passengers for international and 170 passengers for domestic flights).

Airport has 11 parking places for airplanes and 2 for all types of helicopters.

Cargo warehouse (capacity 2800 m3) in production areas and technical equipment allows to process up to 35 tons of cargo per day.

The airport has all state controls to ensure his work as an international.