Stavropol International Airport is the main gate of Stavropol city, capital of Stavropol region


The most important business and industrial center, cultural and political capital of the region. In 2013, 2015 and 2016 received the title of the most comfortable city in Russia!

In 2015, Stavropol and the satellite Mikhaylovsk was put into operation over 740 000 square meters residential areas, which is 61% of the regional volume!

The city is also a student center with 13 higher education institutions (3 universities, 10 institutes), 14 branches of universities, 25 colleges and technical schools, which studies students from all over the world on a variety of specialties: from the agrarian to the experts in oil and gas industry, engineering and top management.


The coverage area of Stavropol International Airport is the largest in the region: more than 1.5 million people, the urban population more than 1.1 million

Stavropol is not only the business center of the region. The city is the geographical center of the North Caucasus, which is convenient for many of the planning of routes: at an equal distance from the cities are Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Elista and Nalchik. In the immediate vicinity of the city are located resorts of Dombay and Arkhyz.


In 2014 the growth rate of passenger traffic in Stavropol International Airport showed a record among the airports of the Russian Federation South: 39%!


In the vicinity of Stavropol is all-season resorts of Arkhyz, Dombay and Teberda which take more than 500 000 visitors per year.

The ski slopes are ideal for beginners and professionals.

At the summer tourists are available for hiking and horseback riding to the natural natural attractions (mountain lakes, passes, meadows), as well as a unique ancient temples of XII century, the Observatory and many others.

Discounts and tariffs

We are always open to new flights and destinations. We always follow the demand of our passengers to other destinations and are ready to discuss them with you!

Any new flight requires careful consideration of the airline and the airport. Сost-effectiveness of your flight is important for us, and we are ready to offer the most favorable conditions for the period of commercial rolling.

Regulations on the discounts offered by airlines (in Russian)
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Media support

In most cases, flight promotion makes by big network agencies who publish advertising in local media without taking into account the specifics of the audience and the methods of working with it.

We have established cooperation with leading experts in the media support in the region

Collaboration marketers of airline and the airport - the success of the flight program. Moreover, the Stavropol International Aiport is ready to share part of the promotion costs.

Aerodrome params

Hours: around the clock
Timezone: UTC + 4

КТА: 45°06'32.99"N, 042°06'46.00"E
RWY 07/25 - 2600 х 48 meters
PCN 29/R/B/X/T
Light equipment: OVI-1
ICAO category: 1

We are accepting:
- Airbus A320
- Boeing 737, Boeing 757
- CRJ 100/200
- Il-76, Tu-154, SSJ-100
- And others

Spare airfields: